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You’ve got to let it go

You’ve been feeling so great lately, on top of the world. Nothing can stop you, then it does. It halts you and makes you question if you’re doing the right thing. The object in the road trying to deter your arrival.

All you can do is believe that you’re going the right away and eventually things will follow. Just because things don’t go as you expected, doesn’t mean it isn’t meant to be. Perhaps it was better it ended up this way! Whether it be relationships, jobs, school, friends or family, you can’t predict the outcome of the situation and you can’t force people to know who you are. Some people are naturally blind. It’s their loss! Just keep doing you and one day you’ll be doing it right.

This article is to all my girl bosses or guys who have felt set back or like they didn’t meet a requirement they were unaware about. There are so many misconceptions about gender and race that puts us in a mold, but if others fail to see the bigger picture then show them. If they still don’t get then move on and they might see it later on. It’s not your business to make everyone happy. You have to think about yourself and what makes you feel your best.

When I need ton get back into my zone, music is the space I need. I know people say EDM is played out, but is it really? are you listening to the right tracks? If so, what have been your favorites lately?

Whats in your summer air? (HARDWELL)

I love to listen to Hardwell on air, or off air, off the record, all day every day. Hardwell and Martin Garrix have been there for me with their music when times have been tough for me so I want to share with you my piece of happiness with Hardwell’s new episode of Hardwell Off The Record.

So enjoy and I hope you like it as much as I do! Remember, don’t let them stop you and keep it going, you’re worth so much.

Live gorgeously,


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