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Who am I

Waking up at 7

Not even stressing

This season called summer makes me want to catch a lesson.

What do you call thee?

Now it’s summer, how do you maintain your schedule? Are you working or working out?

Why not do both! Taking advantage of the sunrise and late nights make up for giving in to lost time and bonding with yourself.

How can you light a bonfire with out the fire? You have to make sure you’re passionate about what you’re doing.

Do you know what your passion is? Even if you don’t, try exploring different outlets that push you to your limit.

For example, you might go to the gym for the first time in a while.

Even though you may have been working out here and there, it is definitely much more official when you’re sitting in a room full of people working out. It forces you to keep going and perservere.

Those are two goals you want for yourself to achieve a total glow

Try new things this summer and find your inner solstice. You’d be amazed about how things can start feeling better by changing up your routine by getting up later or even getting extra sleep if you need it. Try going to bed early or getting up at the crack of dawn to get your workout started. There is nothing holding you back, only yourself.

In a room full of music is when I can focus the most. Find your passion and get in your feels. Those are the things that count the most. So drop that mixtape you’ve been planing to do or organize your music library.

Or just simply, take a bath. See you soon! Back on retreat.



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