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“She’s a big girl now”

This is Georgettez starting out my new site. Hoping to bring you fashion, music, health and lifestyle tips to keep you glowing and flowing.

Life is rough, but can also be fun. Whats wrong with fun. Girls just want to have fun. I want you to have the best possible life and live it glamorously. Life too short not too!

Throughout these moments I want to share my experiences with things that make me happy and maybe you too.

My name is Georgette and I was born and raised in San Diego. I am inspired by fashion, music and art. I will like to share my adventures with you and what I have leaned from them. I will be posting fashion and lifestyle content so keep up to date! Music is my biggest source of energy therefore you will see a lot of it. I am a theatre and dance major at UCSD and love to act. For collaborations or inquiries, please contact me at the link.



Me In Paris with my Friend Photographer, Guy posing at the Louvre.

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