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Summer Thrills

“And when you Make me smile for real you smile for real you make me smile for real “

mall rats- for real

Now that it’s the middle of the summer, let’s take a look at all the summer love you’ve had in your past. Whether it was worth it or not, you know you’ve learned and grown as a person since then. Your next summer fling may be at the store in the next aisle tomorrow. You never know. The point is to not overthink such expectations on people because most of the time summer love is just that.

Placing expectations on people without them knowing is not cool and getting your hopes up for nothing isn’t either.

The point is to live life in the present moment and be all you can during that time. Enjoy a relationship for what it is a

r e l a t I on ship

You are two different people with separate needs, you can expect to fulfill each other. By all means, I am not diregarding any relationship that has blossomed from summer romance as I’m a believer of love at first sight, but just a slight realization.

So next time you get yourself into a situation, think of the present moment and don’t forget to be yourself. Facades fade and its better if they know the real you instead of the pressured or forced you.

In honor of pride weekend in San Diego and Bastille Day in a Paris, let’s all be a little more ourselves to generate like minded individuals in our circles. It’s not about your differences, it’s about the similar and simple things. Liberation is freedom and freedom is power.


Some food for thought.

Live gorgeously,


Save the facade for the masterpiece

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