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Finally finished uploading my pictures from EDC Las Vegas.

For those of you who don’t know what that is, then I suggest you check YouTube for a live set.

It’s always a great place to expand your music horizons. All from being open minded and listening to something that you never thought you would. It’s a whole rave community, or rave culture as coined by W&W.

I always have conflicting feelings about my favorites because they’re all so good.

It goes a little like this:


Martin Garrix


Armin van Buuren


And of course I love my techno fantasies like Adam Bayer, Charlotte De Witte and Amelie Lens

With that being said, it’s been another emotional stride in the electronic music industry today. Avicii, r.i.p,

Has released his album this week, titled Tim, of course.

It is amazing as it is emotional. I love this album so much. And Tim will always hold a special place in my Heart. This album reveals so much. I hope you’ll listen to it and love as much as i do.

As for the future of this blog, I want this to be a sacred space for everyone to find their own gorgeous life with Georgettez

Have any requests?

Leave comments below, I would like to know what everyone is more interested in reading about.

Have a lovely day,


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