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What’s a girl boss and how do I become one?

That’s the term that’s sweeping Instagram post by post in pink, bold letters.

The coined term must have came from Nasty Gal, because duh. If you don’t know what Nasty Gal is then you’re way behind in the girl boss gang.

Go check it out for the latest fashion finds

Back to being a b*tch boss, oops I mean girl.

There’s a difference to both, because you want to be nice and assertive.

Having balance, emotional intelligence and respect is important in being a leader.

If you’re going to make the rules, you should at least follow them yourself.

The second aspect is branding. How do you develop your persona?

What are your dreams? Goals, aspirations?

Use art and fashion to your disposable. It’s a garment not a bind. Be yourself and express how ever you see fit. If everyone was more authentic we would have less problems and be forced to see the truth of ourselves in order to become unique. In other words, if more people spent time finding themselves, they’d be less worried about others.


and don’t hold back,

because tomorrow might be grey.

With love,


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