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Don’t eat the cake

Just don’t eat it. It’s enough to not finish it. You are enough and if you want to finish it, then do it. No one is stopping you.

Other than negative people and things that make you anxious, I’m searching for the coping mechanisms to escape a crazy day.

Sometimes we have those days and they can’t be delayed. Sharp responses will never be the same. I don’t know what to expect, all I can do is project.

What is it that you object.

What was said left unsaid.

Recently, I’ve been thinking of dreams. things that I want to manifest in life and how I would achieve them. My motto is I live day by day and things always figure themselves out. Be kind and good because karma is always watching. Do what makes you happy and don’t take things too seriously.

The main thing I want to correlate to all this happy speech is the following:

Spending, people and profit

Buying things make me happy, people love receiving things and what’s better than giving when you’re making money.

Share the wealth and remember health is wealth so buying nutritious, sustainable and eco friendly food and products are an essential way to living a better life.

Life can be a very lonely place if you are not surrounded by things that make you whole.

So do great and be great.

Live gorgeously,


<Picture from my Paris summer in 2017>

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