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Move your body, back and forth

It’s FESTIVAL SZN, stop the excuses and let’s get moving!!!!!!!!!

Move your body, back and forth

Time to get moving and grooving. Have you hit your goals this summer? How about that workout? Working out isn’t a goal, its a way of life so if you aren’t working out yet, what are you waiting for?

Movement is a natural process for your body and when you deprive it from oxygen inducing exercise, your body will naturally slow down and shut down. Working out can sometimes be a dirty word depending on how you look at it. It doesn’t mean you crunch iron all day at the gym or run tirelessly for miles. It simply means, taking time for yourself to find your own breath. It may involve heavy sweating depending on your metabolism.

No matter what stage you are in or what goals you want to achieve, it won’t happen if you don’t take the first step . It helps if you have a friend to achieve those results with you. With or without them, you have to show up for yourself. Don’t be codependent on others, depend on your own efforts. You’re the only one who can’t let yourself down.

So get on that treadmill, go on that walk, get things started and don’t hold back. Or forget the gym all together and throw a private dance party in your room, no one is watching 😉

I’m really Hppy to have gotten a change in my schedule. By that I mean, waking up early, going out on walks, working out and eating right even it takes a little more effort. It really goes a long way and when you get into the habit of doing good things for yourself, it will pay off in the long run.

Besides holistic activities, how about taking up a new hobby or creativity that you’ve been putting off? Summer is a great time to do things you never thought you could. Why? Blame it on summer!

And tune in for my new vlog soon ❤

Much love,



I just found this amazing tribute to Tim, Avicii ❤ please enjoy and share and live your life today because tomrrow may never come ❤

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